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Volvo S80 (TS)

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2003 Volvo S80.jpg

Volvo S80 (TS). 1998–2006 (prod. 368,000 approx.). 4-door saloon. F/F, F/A, 1984, 2319, 2435 cm³ petrol, 2435 cm³ petrol–CNG, 2435 cm³ petrol–LPG, 2401 cm³ diesel (I5 DOHC), 2401, 2460 cm³ diesel (I5 OHC), 2783, 2922 cm³ (I6 DOHC). Flagship developed under Hans Wikman, the first in a new era of Volvos with design themes from Swedish furniture and influenced by the Emme Lotus 420, 422. Exterior design led by Doug Frasher, under design director Peter Horbury. New P2 platform, with new safety features for side impact and whiplash protection. Integrated GSM phone, a first. Originally with the 2·9, a six-cylinder version, transversely mounted (a first with this layout), of the earlier 2·4-litre five; twin turbo saw power up to 272 PS. Smallest manual transmission, designed in-house by Volvo.

Manufacturing location: Torslanda, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Marque: Volvo | Model: Volvo S80 | Predecessor: Volvo S90 (X44) | Successor: Volvo S80 (Y286)

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