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Volvo C70 (P80T)

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2011 Volvo C70 Inscription.jpg

Volvo C70 (P80T). 2006–13 (prod. 89,000 approx.). 2-door coupé–convertible. F/F, 1997 cm³ diesel (I4 DOHC), 1984, 2400 cm³ diesel, 2435, 2521 cm³ petrol (I5 DOHC). Despite the numbering, based around the smaller Volvo S40 (P11), which meant a Ford C1 platform related to that of the Ford Focus Mk II. Replaced both the coupé and convertible of the previous generation, but relatively heavy. Hardtop could be raised and lowered in 30 seconds. Uncommunicative steering, and some body roll, with suspension geared for comfort. Safe as one might expect from Volvo. Updated in 2009. Built by Pininfarina. Cancelled in 2013 as sales dwindled.

Manufacturing location: Uddevalla, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Marque: Volvo | Model: Volvo C70 | Predecessor: Volvo C70 (P80N)

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