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Volkswagen Touran I

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2007 Volkswagen Touran.jpg

Volkswagen Touran (Typ 1T). 2003 to date (prod. 1,130,000 approx.). 5-door MPV. F/F, 1391, 1598, 1984 cm³ petrol, 1968 cm³ diesel (I4 DOHC), 1595, 1598 cm³ petrol, 1896 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC). Volkswagen Golf V-based MPV. Roomy for its size. Tended to be expensive in many markets, especially the better-equipped models. Good all-round visibility and fairly good fuel consumption, and although not sporting, responsive behind the wheel. Mid-term changes to GP (Große Produktaufwertung) in 2006 with mild facelift, and 1·4 TSI (170 PS) added. Cross Touran faux off-roader from 2007. Replaced in Europe with GP2 in 2010, but Chinese models facelifted to new corporate grille in 2011.

Manufacturing locations: Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen, Germany; Anting, Jiading, China

Marque: Volkswagen | Model: Volkswagen Touran | Successor: Volkswagen Touran (GP2)

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