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Vauxhall Astra

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Replacement for Vauxhall Viva (HC), and the first rebadged Opel for the Vauxhall range. (Earlier Opel-developed Vauxhalls had some sheetmetal differences, but Astra was the first solely badge-engineered line.) Far more modern than Viva, and the first real GM challenger for the Ford Escort in the UK for many years. While some Astras found success, the Mk III (Opel Astra F) was lacking, and successive models were not considered as complete a driver’s car as the Ford Focus. However, they appealed to those who wanted comfortable, no-nonsense cars and remained staple sellers for Vauxhall. The latest model, the Astra J, has more expressive styling, having broader appeal.

Marque: Vauxhall | Predecessor: Vauxhall Viva

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