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''Manufacturing location:'' Togliatti, Russia
''Manufacturing location:'' Togliatti, Russia
''Marques:'' [[VAZ]], [[Lada]] | ''Successor:'' [[VAZ 2105]]
''Marques:'' [[VAZ]] | ''Successor:'' [[VAZ 2105]]
''q.v.'' [[VAZ 2102]]
''q.v.'' [[VAZ 2102]]

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VAZ 2101.jpg

VAZ 2101/VAZ 21011/VAZ 21013/Zhiguli/Lada 1200/Lada 1300/Lada 1200S. 1970–83 (prod. unknown). 4-door saloon. F/R, 1197, 1294 cm³ (4 cyl. OHC). Original Fiat 124-based model from VAZ, colloquially known inside the Soviet Union and Russia as the Zhiguli (Жигули). Built at Togliattigrad (named for Palmiro Togliatti, the Italian Communist Party politician), the cars were outwardly identical to the donor car in the early days. Larger engined 21011 (Lada 1300) has 1·3-litre engine, 21013 (Lada 1200S) is 1·2 with higher tune. Introduced before the 124 went out of production, so initially did not seem obsolete. Sold cheaply in the west, and in Communist Bloc countries, plus Cuba, a fairly common sight.

Manufacturing location: Togliatti, Russia

Marques: VAZ | Successor: VAZ 2105

q.v. VAZ 2102

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