Tesla Model 3

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Tesla Model 3.jpg

Tesla Model 3 (Bluestar). 2017 to date (prod. 500,000 sold to March 2020). 4-door sedan. R/R, F/R/A, 50, 54, 62, 75 kWh electric. Smaller Tesla fastback with a lower price, meant to spearhead the company’s entry into a larger market. Initial difficulties with production ramping up, but by 2019 the Model 3 had overtaken the Chevrolet Volt (2016–) to become the best selling plug-in electric car in the US. More advanced than US rivals, with excellent performance, though surprisingly, no Android Auto or Apple Carplay support. Vehicle updates delivered over the air.

Manufacturing locations: Fremont, California, USA; Shanghai, China

Marque: Tesla

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