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05:10, 9 March 2008Renault Mégane II.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (Renault Mégane II cinq portes.)1
09:36, 9 March 2008Trabant P601.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (Trabant P601, from brochure cover.)1
09:55, 9 March 20082008 Ford Falcon G6E.jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (Ford Falcon G6E (E241).)1
10:01, 9 March 20081970½ Ford Falcon sedan.jpg (file)24 KBWikiSysop (1970½ Ford Falcon sedan, from brochure cover.)1
10:52, 9 March 2008Hyundai i30.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (Hyundai i30, publicity photograph from website.)1
11:17, 9 March 2008Hongqi Shiba.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (2002 Hongqi Shiba (CA7180).)1
11:39, 9 March 2008Triumph Acclaim.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (Triumph Acclaim HLS from UK brochure cover.)1
12:36, 9 March 2008Wolseley.jpg (file)19 KBWikiSysop (Wolseley (18-22 series), 1975.)1
21:28, 9 March 2008Jaguar XJ-S.jpg (file)19 KBWikiSysop (Jaguar XJ-S brochure shot, 1975.)1
21:52, 9 March 20081980 Audi Quattro.jpg (file)19 KBWikiSysop (The original Audi Quattro, from Audi press office.)1
23:57, 9 March 20081987 Jaguar XJ6 (US market).jpg (file)24 KBWikiSysop (From the 1987 model year brochure for the US market, the Jaguar XJ6 Series III.)1
00:58, 10 March 2008Ford Cortina GXL.jpg (file)20 KBWikiSysop (1972 Ford Cortina GXL, publicity shot.)1
01:49, 10 March 2008Holden GTS (HX).jpg (file)11 KBWikiSysop (1976 Holden GTS (HX series), publicity photograph.)1
03:33, 10 March 2008Holden Monaro (VX).jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (2001 Holden Monaro (VX series), publicity shot.)1
03:59, 10 March 2008Holden Kingswood SL Wagon.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (Holden Kingswood SL Wagon (HZ series), photograph from brochure.)1
04:11, 10 March 2008Holden GTS (HZ).jpg (file)21 KBWikiSysop (Publicity photograph of Holden GTS (HZ series).)1
04:25, 10 March 2008Princess 2200.jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (Princess 2200, publicity photograph.)1
04:40, 10 March 2008Princess 2000 HLS.jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (Princess 2000 HLS, introduced in 1979. British Leyland publicity photograph.)1
05:35, 10 March 2008Daewoo Tosca Premium 6.jpg (file)20 KBWikiSysop (2008 Daewoo Tosca Premium 6, publicity photograph.)1
08:05, 10 March 2008Daewoo Winstorm.jpg (file)16 KBWikiSysop (2008 Daewoo Winstorm, publicity photograph.)1
08:50, 10 March 2008Saab 600.jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (Saab 600 brochure photograph.)1
09:21, 10 March 2008Jaguar XJ40.jpg (file)16 KBWikiSysop (1992 Jaguar XJ6, publicity photograph.)1
00:04, 11 March 20082007 Škoda Superb.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (2007–8 Škoda Superb, publicity photograph.)1
00:42, 11 March 20081989 Ford Taurus.jpg (file)18 KBWikiSysop (1989 Ford Taurus sedan, publicity photograph.)1
04:30, 11 March 2008Nissan Sunny B10.jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sunny 1000, publicity photograph.)1
05:07, 11 March 2008Datsun 120Y.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (German-spec Datsun 120Y, publicity photograph.)1
05:20, 11 March 2008Datsun Sunny Wagon.jpg (file)19 KBWikiSysop (Datsun Sunny station wagon, European export model, publicity photograph.)1
05:46, 11 March 2008Nissan Sunny California (B12).jpg (file)16 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sunny California, publicity photograph.)1
05:58, 11 March 2008Nissan Sunny 4WD.jpg (file)10 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sunny 4WD sedan, publicity photograph.)1
10:04, 11 March 2008Nissan Sunny 1800 Super Touring Type S.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sunny 1800 Super Touring Type S (B14 series), publicity photograph.)1
10:25, 11 March 2008Nissan Sunny 1500 Super Saloon.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sunny 1500 Super Saloon (B15 series), publicity photograph.)1
01:24, 12 March 20081974 Vauxhall Victor (FE).jpg (file)15 KBWikiSysop (Vauxhall Victor (FE series), 1974 brochure photograph.)1
02:59, 12 March 2008Ford Territory Turbo.jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (Ford Territory Turbo, publicity photograph.)1
04:06, 12 March 20081993 Ford Mondeo.jpg (file)18 KBWikiSysop (Ford Mondeo Mk I (CDW27), publicity photograph.)1
04:36, 12 March 20081999 Ford Fairmont Ghia.jpg (file)11 KBWikiSysop (Ford Fairmont Ghia (EA169), from 1998 brochure.)1
05:24, 12 March 20081978 Ford Fairmont (Fox).jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (1978 Ford Fairmont brochure cover photograph.)1
09:44, 12 March 20081979 Buick Opel Coupé.jpg (file)18 KBWikiSysop (1979 Buick Opel Coupé, brochure photograph.)1
21:04, 12 March 2008Volkswagen Passat (B5).jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (British-spec Volkswagen Passat (B5), publicity photograph.)1
04:52, 13 March 2008Ford Mondeo (CD345).jpg (file)20 KBWikiSysop (Ford Mondeo saloon, publicity photograph from Ford.)1
05:05, 13 March 20081980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint, BL publicity photograph.)1
05:39, 13 March 20082004 Nissan Sentra.jpg (file)17 KBWikiSysop (Nissan Sentra (B15), Nissan USA publicity photo.)1
09:59, 13 March 20082004 Holden Monaro.jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (Holden Monaro, VZ series, GM publicity photograph.)1
10:32, 13 March 2008Ford Taurus (D258).jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (2008 Ford Taurus, publicity photograph.)1
10:35, 13 March 2008Ford Five Hundred.jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (2005 Ford Five Hundred, publicity photograph.)2
10:53, 13 March 2008Ford Falcon S-Pack (XD).jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (1979 Ford Falcon GL with S pack, brochure photograph.)1
11:00, 13 March 20081979 Ford Fairmont Ghia.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (1979 Ford Fairmont Ghia, brochure photograph.)1
11:31, 13 March 2008Tata Nano.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (Tata Nano, basic model. Publicity photograph.)1
12:04, 13 March 20081978 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.jpg (file)14 KBWikiSysop (1978 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, publicity photograph.)1
20:48, 13 March 2008Fiat 131.jpg (file)12 KBWikiSysop (Late model Fiat 131, brochure photograph.)1
22:05, 13 March 2008Ford Mondeo Mk II.jpg (file)13 KBWikiSysop (Ford Mondeo Mk II, UK spec.)1

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