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Saehan Maepsy

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Saehan Maepsy.jpg

Saehan Maepsy. 1982–3 (prod. n/a). 4-door sedan. F/R, 1272, 1492 cm³ (I4 OHC). Development of Saehan Gemini, but with new front end. Larger 1·5 unit imported at some expense, while 1·3 engine came from Kia (it had a surplus from its defunct Brisa model) and was of Mazda origin. Basic transportation. Spawned a pick-up model called Max, using the same front doors. Renamed Daewoo Maepsy in 1983 and built till 1989.

Manufacturing location: Korea

Marque: Saehan | Predecessor: Saehan Gemini | Successor: Daewoo Maepsy

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