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''Manufacturing location:'' Martorell, Cataluña, Spain; Argentina
''Manufacturing locations:'' Martorell, Cataluña, Spain; Argentina
''Marque:'' [[SEAT]] | ''Predecessors:'' [[SEAT 600]], [[SEAT 850]]
''Marque:'' [[SEAT]] | ''Predecessors:'' [[SEAT 600]], [[SEAT 850]]

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SEAT 133.jpg

SEAT 133/Fiat 133. 1974–82 (prod. 216,000 approx.). 2-door saloon. R/R, 843, 903 cm³ (I4 OHV). Essentially a rebodied Fiat 850, but with 1970s’ styling, created by SEAT itself. For the Spanish market only initially, but exported with Fiat badges to other European nations. Spanish production at SEAT ended 1979, though Sevel in Argentina built the cars from 1977 to 1982 as Fiats (with only the 903 cm³ engine).

Manufacturing locations: Martorell, Cataluña, Spain; Argentina

Marque: SEAT | Predecessors: SEAT 600, SEAT 850

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