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Porsche 912

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1966 Porsche 912.jpg

Porsche 912. 1965–9, 1976 (prod. 34,959). 2-door coupé. R/R, 1582 cm³ (F4 OHV), 1971 cm³ (F4 OHC). Entry-level Porsche, combining proven engine of 356 series with modern Porsche 911 (1964–8) body. More spartan interior: three dials instead of five, not unlike 356. Much lighter than 911, aiding fuel economy, as did unadorned aerodynamic shape. Excellent handling, and better weight distribution from the four-cylinder engines. Superseded originally by 914, which was itself replaced in 1976 by the stop-gap 912E (Typ 923), with the 914’s larger, fuel-injected 2·0-litre engine from Volkswagen and the then-current 911 body.

Manufacturing location: Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany

Marque: Porsche | Predecessors: Porsche 356C, Volkswagen-Porsche 914 | Successors: Volkswagen-Porsche 914, Porsche 924

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