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Peugeot 604

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Peugeot 604.jpg

Peugeot 604. 1975–85 (prod. 153,252 sold). 4-door saloon. F/R, 2304, 2498 cm³ diesel (I4 OHV), 2664, 2849 cm³ petrol (V6 OHC). Squared-off flagship for Peugeot, with 1970s Pininfarina styling similar to that of Fiat 130 Coupé and Rolls-Royce Camargue (the 604 is often credited to Paolo Martin, but is more likely the work of Aldo Brovarone). Launched in the wake of 1973 fuel crisis, so not very successful. Favoured for official usage in France, but not popular in export markets with quality concerns. First mass-produced turbodiesel car with 2304 cm³ engine. Forgettable Talbot Tagora spun off from 604 parts in 1980. Stretched landaulet model by Henri Chapron among the carrossier’s last cars. Licensed to Kia for Korean manufacture.

Manufacturing locations: France; Korea

Marque: Peugeot | Successor: Peugeot 605

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