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Mitsubishi Galant

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Stylish mid-sized sedan, supposedly a new concept for Mitsubishi, débuting under the Colt Galant moniker in 1969. Colt name disappeared as New Galant appeared in 1973, with mid-Atlantic styling, as Mitsubishi pursued US sales via Chrysler. Successive Galants followed from the mid-1970s, divided into two ranges—Galant Σ for sedans and wagons and Galant Λ for coupés—till the latter was deleted in 1983. A shift to front-wheel drive came in 1983, and the Σ tag was dropped in 1987 with a distinctive, more upright new model, which included a famous rallying model, the VR-4. By the 1990s, Galant remained dynamically competent but less distinctive, though the 1996 model was notable for having gasoline direct injection. In 2003, a wider ninth-generation model was launched in the US, though many countries, including Japan, soldiered on with the eighth till the Galant line ended in the domestic market in 2005. Ninth-generation Galants continued to be offered in various markets in to the early 2010s, but the model line is largely neglected and may not be replaced. A Lancer replacement, the Galant Fortis, was launched in Japan, keeping the Galant name alive in the domestic market.

Marque: Mitsubishi | Predecessor: Mitsubishi Colt

q.v. Chrysler Sigma, Mitsubishi Sigma, Dodge Colt

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