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Mini 1275 GT

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Mini 1275 GT.jpg

Mini 1275 GT. 1969–80 (prod. 110,673). 2-door saloon, 1275 cm³ (I4 OHV). Sporting Mini, replacing the Cooper Mk IIIs, but never had the cachet of its predecessor. Despite Clubman nose, never officially a Clubman (with the exception of Australian Morris Mini Clubman GT model, 1971–2). Only 59 bhp from A-series engine. Close-ratio gearbox and additional rev counter compared with regular Minis. Twelve-inch wheels from 1974; minor changes throughout decade. New Zealand-assembled models had bigger 1275 GT stripes on rear wings. Unloved compared with Coopers, but it has its fans. Spanish 1275 GT model made by Authi featured traditional Mini front end, offered 1973 to 1975. British model deleted in 1980 when Austin Mini Metro launched.

Manufacturing locations: Longbridge, England; Pamplona, Spain

Marque: Mini | Predecessor: Austin Mini Mk II (Cooper model)

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