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Welcome to Autocade (beta), the inter­national automotive database. It’s a wiki that’s global, rather than geographically biased; and, we believe, more carefully edited. It’s aimed at motoring enthusiasts and the press who want a quick, accurate reference.

Featured car

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Starting out

You can search by typing a car name into the box at the top right of the page. If the car’s not present, you’ll see a page with a link where registered users can click to write a new article.

You can hop over to the ‘All Pages’ link to see what’s here. Some marques and nameplates are listed.

Registered users can add and edit information on cars. All can read the content on this site. Read more about Autocade on the ‘About’ page.

Recently added

Here are the 15 most recent additions to the site.

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Random cars

Here are 15 random entries on the site.

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Helpful links
Consult the Users’ Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Autocade is an initiative of JY&A Media.

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