MG TF (2008–11)

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MG TF LE 500.jpg

MG TF. 2008–11 (prod. n/a). 2-door convertible. M/R, 1796 cm³ (I4 DOHC). Minor facelift, apeing the MG F. MG’s new owner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., after acquiring Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corp., kept NAC’s promise to restart production at Longbridge, England, in 2008. Car differed from the model made in China from 2007, which was mostly a facsimile of the last British TF. LE 500 limited edition in 2008. LE pricey given its age, and cramped by late-2000s’ standards, selling on “pedigree”—which by now the Mazda Roadster (NC) had after 20 years. Quality promised to be better but initial reports indicated little had changed. TF 135 from 2009, at a far lower price.

Manufacturing location: Longbridge, Birmingham, England

Marque: MG | Model: MG TF | Predecessor: MG TF (2002–5)


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