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Lightburn Zeta Sports

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Lightburn Zeta Sports.jpg

Lightburn Zeta Sports. 1961 (prod. 28). Doorless roadster. F/F, 494cm³ (I2 2-str.). Harold Lightburn complements his sedan with a small roadster, based on the Meadows Frisky Sprint, which had a Michelotti-styled body. Lightburn bought the rights along with 50 engines from Fichtel & Sachs, which had powered the FMR Tg500, developing 20·5 bhp. The Sprint’s doors were deleted in the interests of rigidity, and other modifications made, though Lightburn still advertised his Sports as having been designed by Michelotti. Possibly all made in 1961 but sold in 1964. Top speed of 125 km/h.

Manufacturing location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Marque: Lightburn | Model: Lightburn Zeta

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