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''Marque:'' [[Honda]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[Honda Logo]] | ''Successor:'' [[Honda City (GM)]]
''Marque:'' [[Honda]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[Honda Logo]] | ''Successor:'' [[Honda City]]

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A class-leading supermini that took clever packaging principles from MPVs, yet competed firmly in the car sector. Apart from awkward styling in the original model, Honda put the Fit at the top of the class in 2001, though different markets took differently to it. In some, it was beloved of the elderly as a runabout; in others, especially North America where it was launched in 2006, it appealed to the youth market. For export, it often adopted the Jazz moniker. In many parts of Asia, the booted Fit Aria or City was a respectable family sedan. Honda evolved the formula in 2007 with a tidier second-generation design, but did not extend the name to the booted model. A third generation débuted in 2013, and a fourth was shown in Tokyo in 2019.

Marque: Honda | Predecessor: Honda Logo | Successor: Honda City

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