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Goggomobil T

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1955 Goggomobil T250.jpg

Goggomobil T 250/Goggomobil T 300/Goggomobil T 400. 1955–69 (prod. 214,313 in Germany). 2-door saloon. R/R, 247, 296, 395 cm³ (I2 2-str.). Glas responded to Germans’ demand for motor cars rather than motorcycles in the 1950s with a small four-seater, shown in Köln in 1954, with production cars the following year. Interior length a mere 1·6 m. Only a single colour available initially, called Saharabeige. A single front door was planned before two side suicide doors were decided on. Second windscreen wiper and wind-up windows from 1957. Conventional doors from 1964. Licensed versions made in Poland (Mikrus MR-300) and Spain (at Munisa, with more body variants, including a business model with no rear side windows called the C-350).

Manufacturing locations: Dingolfing, Bayern, Germany; Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain

Marque: Goggomobil

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