Ferrari F512 M

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Ferrari F512 M.jpg

Ferrari F512 M. 1994–6 (prod. 500). 2-door coupé. M/R, 4943 cm³ (F12 DOHC). Final modificata evolution of Berlinetta Boxer and Testarossa series, with engine output now at 446 PS (328 kW) and torque up to 500 Nm. Restyling driven by aerodynamics, with redesigned undertray for better airflow. Pop-up lights gone in favour of fixed units, while rear lights now round. Lighter engine through aluminium pistons, titanium connecting rods, and revised crankshaft. Minor interior changes.

Manufacturing location: Maranello, Italy

Marque: Ferrari | Predecessor: Ferrari 512 TR | Successor: Ferrari 550 Maranello


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