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''Manufacturing location:'' Japan
''Manufacturing location:'' Japan
''Marque:'' [[Eunos]] | ''Successor:'' [[Mazda Capella (CG)]]
''Marque:'' [[Eunos]] | ''Successor:'' [[Mazda Capella (GF)]]

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Eunos 500.jpg

Eunos 500. 1992–9 (prod. unknown). 4-door sedan. F/F, 1839 cm³ (4 cyl. DOHC), 1844, 1995 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Small, refined luxury sedan from Mazda, built to a higher quality than the Capella, on the same platform. Sold as part of Eunos range in Japan, but called Mazda Xedos 6 in most export markets. Notable for the very small V6 engines available, and for looking like a modern interpretation of a Jaguar, a brand which Mazda’s design chief, Takeshi Arakawa, liked. Sold to 1995 in Japan, but continued to 1999 for export.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Eunos | Successor: Mazda Capella (GF)

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