Dacia 500 Lăstun

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Dacia 500 Lăstun.jpg

Dacia 500 Lăstun. 1988–91 (prod. 6,532). 3-door saloon. F/F, 499 cm³ (I2 OHC). Dacia’s self-developed subcompact, designed for the masses. Two-cylinder had 17 kW (22·5 PS) output, though it only had 590 kg to propel forward. Reasonably economical (3·4 ℓ/100 km), with a maximum speed of 106 km/h. Glass fibre-reinforced polyester body. Rushed into production and very badly put together. Never roomy enough for a family.

Manufacturing location: Timișoara, Romania

Marque: Dacia

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