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Cadillac Seville (1975–9)

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Cadillac Seville.jpg

Cadillac Seville (K-body). 1975–9 (prod. 215,659). 4-door sedan. F/R, 350 in³ petrol, 350 in³ diesel (V8 OHV). A smaller Cadillac on the Chevrolet Nova (1975–9) platform, targeting buyers of foreign luxury cars, namely Mercedes-Benz. Not that roomy, and 1975s less than reliable, but still sold well through its run. Lots of gadgets, which caused their share of glitches. Diesel available for final year but not that reliable, either.

Manufacturing locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA; Tehrān, Iran

Marque: Cadillac | Model: Cadillac Seville | Successor: Cadillac Seville (1980–5)

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