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1979 Buick Opel Coupé.jpg

Buick/Opel (T-car). 1977–9 (prod. unknown). 4-door sedan, 2-door coupé. F/R, 1817 cm³ (4 cyl. OHC). Buick had been selling Opels from the German arm of General Motors for years and many Americans knew them as Buick Opels. However, they tended to have a model identifier (e.g. Manta, GT, 1900) after that. In 1976, this car had been the Opel Isuzu. But by 1977, it bore the simple name of Buick/Opel (for 1977), then Buick Opel (with a space for 1978 and 1979). The irony was that this was a rebadged Isuzu Gemini made in Japan, albeit developed by Opel of Germany. Generally a well built compact car, complementing the Chevrolet Chevette in GM’s US line-up, but evidently suffered from an identity crisis. By GM’s own admission, inferior to the Toyota Corolla 30.

Manufacturing location: Fujisawa (?), Japan

Marque: Buick | Predecessor: Opel Isuzu | Successor: Isuzu Gemini

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