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''Manufacturing location:'' Crewe, Cheshire, England
''Manufacturing location:'' Crewe, Cheshire, England
''Marque:'' [[Bentley]] | ''Model:'' [[Bentley Continental]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[Bentley Continental S3]] | ''Successor:'' [[Bentley Flying Spur]]
''Marque:'' [[Bentley]] | ''Model:'' [[Bentley Continental]] | ''Predecessor:'' [[Bentley Continental S3]] | ''Successor:'' [[Bentley Flying Spur (2013–19)]]
==Off-site link==
==Off-site link==
*[ ''Lucire'': ‘Bentley Builds 50 Limited Edition Flying Spurs for Middle East’]
*[ ''Lucire'': ‘Bentley Builds 50 Limited Edition Flying Spurs for Middle East’]

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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Arabia.jpg

Bentley Continental Flying Spur. 2005–13 (prod. n/a; 50 Arabia). 4-door saloon. F/A, 5998 cm³ (W12 DOHC). Four-door version of Bentley Continental (2003–11), related to the Volkswagen Phaeton, reviving 1950s name. Standard twin-turbo engine with 412 kW (560 PS), increased to 449 kW (610 PS) for the Speed model of 2009, making it the fastest four-door production saloon with 200 mph. Arabia special edition, for Middle East customers, in 2010. Surprisingly good handling for its size, though softer than coupé, but not as refined as one might expect. Well appointed interior.

Manufacturing location: Crewe, Cheshire, England

Marque: Bentley | Model: Bentley Continental | Predecessor: Bentley Continental S3 | Successor: Bentley Flying Spur (2013–19)

[edit] Off-site link

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