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BMW 7er-Reihe (E65)

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BMW 7er Reihe Special Edition.jpg

BMW 730d/BMW 730i/BMW 740i/BMW 745d/BMW 745i/BMW 750i/BMW 760i (E65)/BMW 730Ld/BMW 730Li/BMW 740Li/BMW 745Li/BMW 750Li/BMW 760Li (E66). 2001–8 (prod. n/a). 4-door saloon, 4-door LWB saloon. F/R, 2979, 2996 cm³ petrol, 2993 cm³ diesel (I6 DOHC), 3600, 4000, 4398, 4799 cm³ petrol, 3901, 4423 cm³ diesel (V8 DOHC), 5972 cm³ (V12 DOHC). Initially heavily criticized for its design by Chris Bangle, especially for its rear end (the ‘Bangle boot’ entered the lexicon briefly), but sold very well in the US and Japan. First BMW to break from the evolutionary styles of the twentieth century for a more radical direction. Early models suffered from software problems relating to BMW’s iDrive system. Loyalists still stick with the Siebener because of its excellent handling. Facelift in 2005, seemingly lessening how radical the car looked; Bangle believed public had simply become accustomed to the company’s design direction. Basis for BMW Hydrogen 7 model (prod. 100).

Manufacturing location: Dingolfing, Germany

Marque: BMW | Model: BMW 7er-Reihe | Predecessor: BMW 7er-Reihe (E38) | Successor: BMW 7er-Reihe (F01)

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