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BMW 700

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BMW 700 Coupé.jpg

BMW 700. 1959–65 (prod. 188,121). 2-door saloon, 2-door coupé, 2-door convertible, 2-door LWB saloon, 2-door LWB coupé. R/R, 697 cm³ (F2 OHV). BMW’s turnaround car, the one which brought it back from the brink. Lengthened 600 chassis but with a body developed from a Giovanni Michelotti proposal. First BMW with a monocoque. Originally with 30 PS engine; later models with twin-carb 40 PS, finding motorsport success. More powerful coupé (from 1961) dubbed Sport; later called CS (from 1963). Luxus (with 30 PS) saloon for 1961–2; cheaper LS in 1962–3. Long-wheelbase LS Luxus saloon for 1962–5, with improved ride, but still with 30 PS. More luxurious, long-wheelbase 40 PS LS coupé from 1964. Convertible (1961–4) developed by Baur and very rare, with 2,592 units, and equipped with 40 PS engine. Argentinian version called De Carlo 700 Sedán Glamour, made 1960–3.

Manufacturing location: München, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina

Marque: BMW | Predecessor: BMW 600 | Successor: De Carlo SL

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