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Autocade is an automotive database and a tribute to the work of the late Michael C. Sedgwick, MA (1926–83).

His knowledge of automotive history is unparalleled, even in the age of the internet. Sedgwick was reputed to have a photographic memory and recall when it came to automotive subjects. This site, which takes no part of his work, follows his lead in providing a useful reference on automobiles, following mostly his A–Z of Cars: 1945–1970, authored with Mark Gillies and Jon Presnell. This was serialized in Classic and Sportscar in the early 1980s.

This site goes further by expanding on the time-frame and geography. Had Mr Sedgwick lived beyond his 50s, there is no doubt that books such as A–Z would have been expanded to later decades. Autocade is an attempt to do this.

Autocade is not affiliated with the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust.

What this site isn’t meant to do

Autocade is not meant to replace Wikipedia or the specialist car sites dedicated to selected makes. Wikipedia, for example, has lengthy pieces on selected models—Autocade seeks to provide primarily summaries. It is also a pet project, which means the decision of the publisher is final when it comes to disputes.

It’s also not meant to replace buyers’ guides such as, Edmunds or Redbook in Australia, nor information sites such as Global Auto Index.

Autocade may best be thought of as a research supplement to the above.

Like Global Auto Index, Autocade attempts to take the home market information as the base, adding export details on to that. It is not biased toward any one country. Many sites are, naturally, biased toward the location of their owner or the writer.

Links, of course, to specialist pages off-site are welcome.

Conventions and house styles

Please refer to the page ‘Site conventions’ for information.

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