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*[[Austin Maxi (1969–80)]] (incl. Leyland Maxi/Maxi (1977–80))
*[[Austin Maxi (1969–80)]] (incl. Maxi (1977–80))
*[[Maxi 2]]
*[[Maxi 2]]

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Austin’s answer to the Renault 16 hatchback, though it began life as a replacement for the ageing Farina saloons from 1961. The Maxi used doors from old BMC 1800, which made it look like a much older car instead of the revolutionary concept it was supposed to be: a highly space-efficient “lifestyle” hatchback. Never caught on as successfully as BL expected, though long model life (1969–81) ensured a good following in the domestic market.

Marque: Austin

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