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Škoda Typ 747

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1989 Škoda 136 Rapid.jpg

Škoda 135 Rapid (Typ 747.135)/Škoda 136 Rapid (Typ 747.136). 1987–90 (prod. 1,272 for 135; 9,708 136). 2-door coupé. R/R, 1289 cm³ (I4 OHV). Development of Typ 743 coupé, with improved 1·3-litre OHV unit, the same changes seen with the Typ 746 saloon. The 135 had an eight-channel cylinder head and an output of 43 kW; there were export models with Bendix fuel injection (Rapid 135 Ri and RiC, the latter for Rapid Injection Catalyst); 136 had higher compression and power went up to 46 kW. Semi-trailing arms at rear. Tricky handling, like the Porsche 911’s, given the same layout. Very little period competition: Škoda was the only entrant in its markets with a small, cheap two-door coupé, and an Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint was the next cheapest coupé in western markets, usually coming in at nearly twice the price.

Manufacturing location: Mladá Boleslav, Czechoslovakia

Marque: Škoda | Predecessor: Škoda Typ 743

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