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Zündapp Janus

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1957 Zündapp Janus 250.jpg

Zündapp Janus. 1957–8 (prod. 6,902). 2-door saloon. M/R, 247 cm³ (1 cyl. 2-str.). The one car made by German motorcycle manufacturer looking to diversify, based on a design by Dornier. Pitched as a more civilized bubble car but in fact lacking modern conveniences; also high-priced (DM3,290) given its specifications. Four hydraulic drum brakes, leading-arm front suspension; all wheels independently sprung, leading to reasonable handling. Two doors: one in front, one behind; rear passenger sat facing the rear. Mid-mounted engine made the cabin noisy. Unsuccessful, and Zündapp went back to two wheels.

Manufacturing location: Nürnberg, Germany

Marque: Zündapp

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