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Venturi Atlantique 300

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1997 Venturi Atlantique 300.jpg

Venturi Atlantique 300. 1995–2000 (prod. n/a). M/R, 2975 cm³ (V6 OHC). Upgraded Venturi, with more rounded styling, LWB wheelbase, and more balanced, upmarket looks. Came just before Venturi found itself in real difficulties, and new owners took over production in 1996. Biturbo from 1998 saw 310 bhp from PeugeotCitroën V6. Better quality than original Biturbos with handling and ride better sorted. Venturi called it a day with models derived from the MVS original in 2000.

Manufacturing location: Couëron, Nantes, France

Marque: Venturi | Predecessor: MVS Venturi

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