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Triumph TR250

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Triumph TR250.jpg

Triumph TR250. 1967–8 (prod. 8,480). 2-door convertible. F/R, 2498 cm³ (I6 OHV). TR5 without the fuel injection (replaced by twin Zenith–Stromberg carburettors), for the US market only. Differed from TR4A with thicker side chrome, RoStyles, a black grille and other details. Fuel injection was omitted due to cost and emissions, with less power than TR5 (111 v. 150 hp). Relatively rare, considering it was a stop-gap before TR6 arrived, but more plentiful than TR5.

Manufacturing location: Canley, Coventry, England

Marque: Triumph | Predecessor: Triumph TR4A | Successor: Triumph TR6

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