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Toyota Sports 800

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Toyota Sports 800.jpg

Toyota Sports 800 (UP15). 1965–9 (prod. 3,131 sold). 2-door targa. F/R, 790 cm³ (F2 OHV). Colloquially the ヨタハチ (Toyota 8), Sports 800 began life as a concept on Toyota Publica (P10) mechanicals. Despite futuristic styling (reputed to be by Shazo Sato), production model as conventional underneath as Publica, with solid rear axle and drum brakes. Very light monocoque (580 kg) and good for 155–60 km/h, with engineering by former aircraft designer Tatsuo Hasegawa (who disputes that Sato was behind the styling). Hasegawa, inspired by the sliding canopy of aircraft, wound up employing the detachable top, later named the targa after Porsche employed it for its 911. Aerodynamics were also a feature, with Cd at 0,35. Original 700 in prototype considered too weak, and 790 cm³ developed instead, with 45 PS. Inexpensive at launch, at ¥595,000, and never officially exported.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Toyota

q.v. Toyota Publica (P20)

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