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1997 Toyota Aristo.jpg

Toyota Aristo (JZS160/JZS161). 1997–2005 (prod. 75,499 sold in Japan). 4-door sedan. F/R, F/A, 2997 cm³ (I6 DOHC), 3968, 4293 cm³ (V8 DOHC). Internal design this time, styled by Akihiro Nagaya. More individualistic design addressed complaints about S140’s anonymity. Considered attractive by its fans, with smooth front and boxy boot. No longer related to the Crown Majesta, with a new platform, later shared with other rear-wheel-drive Toyota sedans. Nearly ideal weight distribution (53–47 front–rear). Improved drivetrain and more power from straight sixes and V8s, though toward the end of the run, its acceleration wasn’t as punchy as its rivals’. Mid-term changes 2000. Tenth anniversary model in 2001. By the 21st century, Aristo’s styling had dated, and was considered by some to be poorly resolved. Exported again as Lexus GS, with 300, 400 and 430 models depending on cubic capacity. Priced well, especially in the US, where it undercut rivals from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Last to be sold as Aristo on the home market; its successor would don the Lexus marque, in line with the rest of the world.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Toyota | Model: Toyota Aristo | Predecessor: Toyota Aristo (S140) | Successor: Lexus GS (S190)


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