Toyopet Corona Mark II (X30)

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Toyopet Corona Mark II 2600.jpg

Toyopet Corona Mark II (X30/TX30/RX30/MX30/RX32/MX32/RX35/MX35/MX36/RX37V/X40/MX40/MX41/MX45). 1976–80 (prod. 192,937 sold in Japan). 4-door sedan, 5-door wagon, 2-door coupé. F/R, 1770 cm³ (I4 OHV), 1808, 1968 cm³ petrol, 2188 cm³ diesel (I4 OHC), 1988, 2563 cm³ (I6 OHC). More baroque styling for Mark II, losing the previous model’s flowing lines, trying to blend them with more formal front and rear ends, the prevailing trend among US cars at the time. Nicknamed ‘pig eyes’ in Japan on account of its front end. No DOHC engines, and OHV at base only. Top models called Grande. Export Cressida based on this model; spawned Toyota Chaser (X30), a sportier model rivalling the Nissan Skyline (C210). Mid-term changes 1978, when Toyopet badge disappeared in favour of Toyota. Diesel from 1979.

Manufacturing location: Toyota City, Aichi, Japan

Marque: Toyopet | Model: Toyopet Corona Mark II | Predecessor: Toyopet Corona Mark II (X10) | Successors: Toyota Corona Mark II (X60), Toyota Cressida (X60)

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