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Steyr–Puch 500

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Steyr–Puch 500 Neu.jpg

Steyr–Puch 500. 1957–73 (prod. 39,045 original models to 1968; 1,816 Neu; 2,359 S). 2-door saloon. R/R, 493 cm³ (F2 OHV). Licensed version of Fiat 500 (1957–77), with some differences to Italian original. Began with canvas-roof convertible and no wind-up windows in 1957, 500D (for Dach) with a roof and wind-up windows came in 1959. The 500D roof differed from Italian model, with different shape allowing more headroom. Uprated 500DL with 19·8 PS, up from 16 PS. Neu, or Europe, from 1968, with front-hinged doors, following Fiat original; from then on, essentially a facsimile of the Fiat 500 with Steyr engines. As sales declined, bodies and transmission came from Fiat from 1969 with introduction of S (19·8 PS) model, with Steyr engines installed in Graz.

Manufacturing location: Graz, Austria

Marque: Steyr–Puch | Successor: Steyr–Fiat 126

q.v. Steyr–Puch 650, Steyr–Puch 700

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