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Simca 1000

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Simca 1000.jpg

Simca 1000/Simca 1005/Simca 1006. 1961–78 (prod. 1,949,407 all types). 4-door saloon. R/R, 944, 1118, 1204, 1294 cm³ (I4 OHV). Rear-engined saloon with connections to Fiat’s Progetto 122, but borne of Simca’s in-house Projet 950. With the weight at the rear, handling was not good and the car was prone to oversteer. The 1·1 became part of the range in 1968. Mid-term changes in 1969, with a refresh (larger headlights are the most apparent change) including rack-and-pinion steering and improved rear suspension (making it less of a handful), while Rallye models, in the 1964–6 Simca–Abarth mould, appeared in 1970 (1·1- and, later, 1·3-litre units). Spécial (from 1969) had 1·1, then 1·3 from 1972; this was replaced with the 1·2 in 1976. Spanish 1000GT also featured 1·2 from the 1200S Coupé, from 1970 to 1972. Final facelift in 1976, with rectangular headlamps and black grille, with 1005 and 1006 models. Sold between 1962 and 1969 in the US as Simca 1118. Coupé covered separately.

Manufacturing locations: Poissy, France; Villaverde, Spain; Casablanca, Morocco

Marque: Simca | Predecessor: Simca 900

q.v. Simca Sim’4

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