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Saehan Rekord

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Licensed versions of the Opel Rekord D and E, made in Korea at a time when manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia were still churning out foreign-designed cars (though Hyundai had released its Pony). Essentially facsimiles of the German originals, with some parts’ bin raiding from other GM units. Rekord D from 1972 took over from Shinjin’s Toyota-based models such as the Corona and Crown after Toyota transferred its shares to GM (to form GM Korea), though the Saehan brand had not been developed at this point. The Saehan Rekord only came into existence in 1976 when Shinjin sold its stake that year, and was succeeded two years later by the Opel Rekord E-based model.

Marque: Saehan | Predecessor: Opel Rekord D | Successor: Daewoo Royale

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