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The original Rover 75 was a warmed-over prewar design, appearing for 1948, and retrospectively titled P3. It was replaced by the first of the P4 series, launching in 1949 and running till 1959. In the 1990s, the 75 name returned for a modern range with an intentional retro bent, which initially was considered too soft dynamically for British tastes. (With BMW in charge, Rover went from its three-digit numerical names to two-digit ones—perhaps the old method was too close to the owner’s system.) When BMW sold Rover, an MG ZT version of the car was developed for enthusiasts, while the 75 continued as the mainstream version. A facelift came in 2004, but MG Rover collapsed in 2005. The 75 survives in MG 7 and Roewe 750 forms over in Red China.

Marque: Rover | Predecessors: Rover P3, Rover 600, Rover 800 | Successors: Rover P6, Roewe 750


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