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Roewe RX5 (2016–)

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2016 Roewe RX5.jpg

Roewe (榮威/荣威) RX5. 2016 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV. F/F, 1490, 1995 cm³ petrol, 12 kWh–1490 cm³ electric–petrol hybrid (I4 DOHC). Roewe SUV “smart car” launched with Chinese online giant Alibaba, running Alibaba’s YunOS (operating system) that connected it to other devices via the internet. OS also collected user data; and users could pay for petrol or book car parks through the system, accessed via 10·4-inch screen. Wheelbase at a generous 2,700 mm, more than rivals such as Ford Escape (C520) and Toyota RAV4 (XA40), helping interior space. Conservative styling. Turbocharged units gave good power, mated to dual-clutch transmission. Plug-in hybrid, eRX5, used the 1·5-litre engine as support. SSA platform shared with MG GS. Two-litre deleted for 2020.

Manufacturing location: China

Marque: Roewe | Model: Roewe RX5 | Predecessor: Roewe W5 | Successor: Roewe RX5 Max

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