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2014 Renault Twingo.jpg

Renault Twingo (X07/Edison). 2014 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door saloon. R/R, 898, 998 cm³ (I3 DOHC), 22 kWh electric. A radical change for Twingo, going from front-engine, front-drive to rear-engine, rear-drive—a layout long abandoned by Renault, whose last attempt was the 10—sharing a platform with Smart Forfour (W453). Spacious interior. Styling, under Laurens van den Acker, inspired by Renault 5 (122) and Renault 5 Turbo. Smaller engine with turbo; larger, new engine with and without stop–start, depending on model. Electric model from 2020.

Manufacturing location: Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Marque: Renault | Model: Renault Twingo | Predecessor: Renault Twingo II


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