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Princess 2

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Princess 2000 HLS.jpg

Princess 2 (ADO71). 1978–81 (prod. 226,000 approx. for all Princess and Austin Ambassador variants). 4-door saloon. F/F, 1695, 1994 cm³ (I4 OHC), 2226 cm³ (I6 OHC). Revisions included more powerful O-series engines in 1·7- and 2-litre forms, addressing earlier criticisms. Officially Austin Princess 2 in some countries, such as New Zealand, and Austin Morris logo began appearing on the cars in 1980. HLS trim added for 1700 and 2000 in May 1979 (1700 HLS deleted March 1980). Minor trim changes in 1980 with coachline: single for basic models, double for HL and triple for HLS. HLS and six-cylinder models distinguished by rectangular headlamps. UK production ended 1981. Based on remaining CKD kits, New Zealand-assembled Austin Princess R models continued in to 1983, all finished in black to mark the last Austins put together in the country.

Manufacturing location: Cowley, Oxfordshire, England

Marque: Princess | Predecessor: Princess (1975–8) | Successor: Austin Ambassador

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