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Nissan Leaf (ZE1)

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2018 Nissan Leaf.jpg

Nissan Leaf (ZE1). 2017 to date (prod. n/a). 5-door sedan. F/F, 40, 62 kWh electric. More power, better charger, and keenly priced for an EV, with Nissan keen to maintain the Leaf’s best seller status. Conventional but pleasant styling. No telescopic steering wheel and rear seats did not fold down all the way, hurting utility. Dull to drive but early long-term tests suggested improved reliability; real-world range above 200 km. E+ model shown 2019, with 62 kWh battery.

Manufacturing locations: Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan; Smyrna, Tennessee, USA; Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England

Marque: Nissan | Model: Nissan Leaf | Predecessor: Nissan Leaf (ZE0)

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