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Nissan Cedric Cima

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Nissan Cedric Cima.jpg

Nissan Cedric Cima (FPY31). 1987–91 (prod. 120,000 approx. sold, incl. Gloria Cima). 4-door hardtop sedan. F/R, 2960 cm³ (V6 DOHC). Twin of the Nissan Gloria Cima, but sold via Nissan Motor dealers. Remarks for the Gloria Cima apply; the two cars had parallel model cycles. Helped with the boom in Japanese luxury car sales, including well equipped versions of smaller Nissans, influencing even Silvia and Bluebird models.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Nissan | Model: Nissan Cedric | Successor: Nissan Cima (FY32)

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