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Mitsubishi Toppo (H82A)

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Mitsubishi Toppo.jpg

Mitsubishi Toppo (H82A). 2008–13 (prod. n/a). 5-door wagon. F/F, F/A, 657 cm³ (I3 OHC). Looking suspiciously like the previous Toppo, which is no surprise: Mitsubishi, lacking the funds to develop a new model, took what it could from the BJ and adapted it to its Mitsubishi eK (H82W) platform. Stable despite the height, thanks to its eK origins. Instrument panel and some exterior panels also lifted from the eK. No substantial changes during its run other than gradual improvements.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Mitsubishi | Model: Mitsubishi Toppo | Predecessor: Mitsubishi Toppo BJ | Successor: Mitsubishi eK Space

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