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Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse

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The mid-range, standard Mercedes, though as with most cars, the E has increased in size over the years. As a range, the E-Klasse emerged during the W124’s run, after Mercedes-Benz adopted a new naming policy. It made sense: the letter E had once stood for Einspritzung (fuel injection), which all W124s had by that point, so it appeared to be a matter of moving the letter from the end to the beginning for model designations. The relatively indestructible W124 gave way to the somewhat more fragile W210, while Mercedes-Benz improved things with its successors. Below, the S-designated models (i.e the T-Modell) are included under the W listings. The C207 coupé bore the E-Klasse name but was in fact based on the smaller C-Klasse platform; its successor, however, grew, and wound up back on an E platform.

Marque: Mercedes-Benz | Predecessors: Mercedes-Benz W124; Mercedes-Benz CLK

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