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Mazda CX-5 (KE)

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2013 Mazda CX-5.jpg

Mazda CX-5 (KEEFW/KEEAW/KE5FW/KE5AW/KE2FW/KE2AW). 2012–16 (prod. n/a). 5-door SUV. F/F, F/A, 1998, 2488 cm³ petrol, 2191 cm³ diesel (I4 DOHC). Very highly regarded SUV, with good road manners for its type, and not related to other Mazdas. All-new suspension and platform. Skyactiv technology with high compression ratio (13:1) to save fuel. Spacious and well laid out, though interior on the dull side.

Manufacturing location: Hiroshima, Japan

Marque: Mazda | Model: Mazda CX-5 | Predecessors: Mazda Tribute (2000–10), Mazda Tribute (2008–11) | Successor: Mazda CX-5 (KF)

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