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Lincoln Navigator (U326)

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2008 Lincoln Navigator.jpg

Lincoln Navigator (U326/U418). 2007 to date (prod. over 77,000). 5-door SUV, 5-door LWB SUV. F/A, 5408 cm³ (V8 OHC). Posh version of Ford Expedition (U324), with regular and long-wheelbase (Navigator L, internal code U418) models. Less capable than Expedition, with no low-range gear for off-roading. Not as grunty as comparable Cadillac Escalade (2007–), and even more thirsty than Expedition. Average handling, though surprisingly good given the bulk. Let down by cheapened switchgear. More practical than Escalade, especially with the third row of seats, and proved to be better value, though its rival still held the edge in overall glamour.

Manufacturing locations: Wayne, Michigan, USA; Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Marque: Lincoln | Model: Lincoln Navigator | Predecessor: Lincoln Navigator (U228)

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