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Lightburn Zeta Sedan

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1963 Lightburn Zeta.jpg

Lightburn Zeta Sedan/Lightburn Zeta Runabout. 1963–5 (prod. 363). 2-door sedan. F/F, 324 cm³ (I2 2-str.). Australia’s cheapest car at the time, the brainchild of Harold Lightburn, who had manufactured washing machines and fibreglass boats. Seeing that Europe had microcars, Lightburn believed there would be similar demand from Australians. Purchasing the rights to a JARC light car design, which entered production in the UK as the Anzani Astra, Lightburn created its own body. No tailgate, despite shape. Villiers twin under the engine bay, good for 95 km/h in the Zeta. Poorly timed as Morris launched the Mini into Australia at the same time, which the dynamically inferior Zeta undercut by a mere £60. Entered into the 1964 Ampol cross-country trial and fared well, but it still didn’t change Australians’ minds.

Manufacturing location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Marque: Lightburn | Model: Lightburn Zeta

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