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Honda City (GA)

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1986 Honda City.jpg

Honda City (ホンダ シティ) (GA1/GA2). 1986–95 (prod. 167,521 sold). 3-door sedan. F/F, 1238, 1296 cm³ (I4 OHC). Honda reverses course: instead of tall and narrow, the second-generation City goes low and wide, with the design philosophy called ‘Crouching Form’. Single cam 1·2 initially, with carburetted 1·3 and injected 1·3 available from 1988. No convertible this time, and lack of a turbocharged version hurt sales. The City nameplate wound up in southeast Asia for a cheap sedan afterward.

Manufacturing location: Japan

Marque: Honda | Model: Honda City | Predecessor: Honda City (AA) | Successor: Honda Logo

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